Data + Action = Result

Next week is our second Open Data Town Hall at the Upcounty Regional Services Center. I hope you can make it out and give us your feedback on the type of data you’d like to see the county publish on dataMontgomery. This week and next I’d like to flex our social media muscle and hear from even more people about their open data priorities.

The usefulness of Open Data can be summed up in a simple equation: Data + Action = Result. When the right data (let’s say crime data) is added to an action (perhaps a mobile application that can give you alerts), the result can be very beneficial (like having a greater awareness of what is happening in your neighborhood). The possibilities are astounding. So how can you participate?

First off download and print this simple one-page sheet. Write the data you’d like to see the County publish and what you’d like to do with it. Then take a photo holding the sheet. Just like this, except try to be more photogenic than this guy.20140122_152953-e1390423476542-576x1024

Then tweet it or post to Facebook using the hashtag #opendataMC. That last part is very important, use the hashtag. If you’re using Facebook you can also share it on our Innovation Program Facebook page. We’ll be using every single tweet and Facebook mention as input to our open data prioritization. So get started and be creative. What catches your interest? Transit data, food data, economic data, permitting data. We estimate that there will be hundreds of datasets in our inventory and we need to know what’s most useful to you.