The way we learn is changing. Not only is technology changing the way we communicate in the classroom, but it’s creating demand for continuing education in the workplace. Through hands on creative approaches, we’re exploring these opportunities with students in Montgomery County Public Schools and County government.

Autism Communication and Technology Pilot

Status: Complete

Description: The pilot intends to use new methods as well as a new tablet applications. Some of the methods are highly reproducible and could potentially allow talented special education teachers to improve outcomes for students diagnosed with autism. A pilot program has begun this fall at Burning Tree and Carderock Springs Elementary. This project is a collaboration with Montgomery County Public Schools and their special education department.

Origins and Desired Outcomes: Improve educational outcomes for students diagnosed with autism. Idea is a result of the Innovation Program working with parents.

Innovation Week

Status: Planning year 3

Description: A week full of workshops for County managers on topics ranging from open data to 3-D printing. These workshops are focused on getting our Management Leadership Service up-to-speed on trends that will change the way we govern for years to come.

Desired Outcomes: Build capacity, leverage existing innovations and challenge the status quo across county government.

Wheaton High School Innovation Lab

Status: Complete

Description: In preparation for a transition to project-based learning at Wheaton High School, the CInO and his partners at MCPS are testing an experimental course called “Innovation Leadership.” The course is focused on project management skills based on the Project Management Institute standards and competencies. The CInO co-teaches the course with staff from the high school.

Desired Outcomes: Improve success rates for students in a project-based learning environment at Wheaton High School.

Library Maker Space

Status: In progress

Description: Montgomery County Libraries, the Department of Recreation and the Innovation Program have launched a Maker Space prototype project in cooperation with the KIDMuseum. The prototype space opened in October 2014 in the Davis Library in Bethesda. Click here for more information.

Desired Outcomes: Build a more complete STEM educational ecosystem in the County

Open Data Town Halls and Hackathons

Status: Ongoing

Description: The Innovation Program works with a handful of partners, including the Department of Technology Services, to educate the public on open data and experiment with its uses through hackathons.

The Innovation Program has held two hackathons so far and more will be held in the future. Our annual Open Data Town Hall solicits input from county residents on their open data priorities.

Desired Outcomes: Improved awareness of open data tools and possibilities among county residents.