Submit an Idea

Anyone can submit an idea to the Innovation Program! Ideas should have three basic criteria for inclusion in the program:

  1. Ideas should be measureable in a lean, iterative manner. How will the goal/objective be evaluated? Identify some quantitative measurements. The measure does not need to be solely based on cost savings or avoidance. Ideas that improve effectiveness or produce positive social outcomes are also encouraged. In order to be measured, the experiments coming from these ideas should also be time bound. Please give an estimated length for the experiment.
  2. Ideas should be scalable and provide a return on investment. For the first criteria you have provided the measure, now estimate the return on investment. Estimate the cost of just the iteration and the potential impact if the concept were scaled up.
  3. Ideas should incorporate some degree of risk and experimentation. Is this a new process, practice, or technology that the County has little or no experience implementing? Do we have lessons learned from other jurisdictions or organizations who have tried this before?
      • High Risk – There is little or no precedent to follow and the skills needed to successfully test this idea are limited.
      • Moderate Risk – This idea has been tested elsewhere to some degree and resources needed to test the idea are clear.
      • Low Risk – This idea has been tested successfully elsewhere and skilled partners/resources are available.

Please fill out the following form to submit your idea: