Buskers: Changing Nightlife in Montgomery County

The Montgomery County Nighttime Economy Task Force worked to identify opportunities to reinvigorate nightlife in Montgomery County, from livening it up with live music to adding cultural experiences that many can partake in. Their vision is “to develop creative placemaking opportunities and sensible policies that encourage an increased nighttime social life for residents, employees, and visitors of all ages and cultural backgrounds.” They wish to “enhance the sense of community” and provide experiences that an array of people will enjoy. Their four main goals are to enhance the nighttime economy with vibrant new features, provide many options from which residents can choose, attract businesses, employers, families, and individuals to activities, and call forth people from other districts to consider and enjoy all that Montgomery County nightlife has to offer. By stimulating the economy and creating an exciting environment, both the residents of the county and the government will benefit from all that the task force has to offer.

One of the latest additions to nightlife in Silver Spring and Bethesda are buskers: live street performers that provide entertainment for individuals in public spaces for money. The goal in mind is that the buskers will be lively, family-friendly, and supportive of a large audience. In large town centers with restaurants and shops, where many people gather, street performers such as buskers will be a fun addition to nightlife and will provide another option for participation.

Buskers deviate from the normal sounds of sirens, honking horns, and bustling traffic. They are an enjoyable way to bring Montgomery County together. They will attract pedestrians and bystanders from a large space. Buskers are commonly found in cities such as Baltimore, but bringing them to Montgomery County would be a nice change of pace from everyday life. They will raise the mood of the block and kick off nightlife. The Innovation program is currently working on designing a pilot and would like your feedback.

Would you be interested in buskers performing in MoCo? Let us know below!