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A Food System in MoCo: How are we doing?

On August 1st, 2013, this article was published by Innovation Fellow Briana Liu regarding the food system in Montgomery County. She discussed the elements she would like to see in MoCo, which are a community farm, shared kitchen space, and community involvement. Now, over two months later, we can look in retrospect over how we have addressed the issues and applied the ideas to improve this system, starting with our innovation projects.

The shared kitchen space, or kitchen incubator project initiative, is well underway and incorporates greatly the “kitchen” aspect of Briana’s plan. Having these open kitchens will allow more people to be involved in the community, jump-start businesses, and help food trucks get up and running. The specs of this project are currently being worked out and will be implemented soon. In creating the kitchen incubators, we will consider her “surplus food” initiative in order to decrease food waste and help the hungry. Both initiatives would be beneficial to both businesses and citizens.

Innovation Fellow Karen Vanegas is continuing Briana’s work and researching implementing a food hub and community farm for Montgomery County. This program allows experienced farmers to team up with new farmers and teach them the tips and tricks of the industry. This way, new farmers can gain experience and produce and sell more goods at a greater rate.

Montgomery County is well on its way to a more sustainable food system. The incorporation of kitchen incubators into this system will help create more demand for these locally sourced products. As an update from a few months ago, these projects are in their initial stages. Details are being worked out, band we will provide more updates as the become available.